Protect your home with a seller's or buyer's inspection in Gladstone & Escanaba, MI

Don't Be Fooled By a Less-Than-Perfect Home

Whether you're selling or buying a home, a professional home inspection is crucial for protecting your investment. Michigan Inspection & Construction of Homes, Inc provides reputable seller's and buyer's inspection services in Gladstone & Escanaba, MI.

Our reliable home inspector will make sure your home is safe and fit before selling it or moving in. We also provide post-construction inspections to ensure your new addition or remodel is up to code and safe.

Learn more about our buyer's or seller's inspection services by calling us at 906-464-0001 today.

When you hire us for a seller's or buyer's inspection, we will:

  • Check all areas and systems in and outside the home
  • Find any potential issues with the home
  • Help you request any needed repairs before you closing on the home

You can trust us to make sure your home is completely safe before selling or buying it. Contact us now to schedule a buyer's or seller's inspection.